A carefully handcrafted bourbon developed by American distillers whose skill, ingenuity, and love for their craft represent everything Carl Knobel stood for.

Tennessee Whiskey

Each bottle is made using the finest ingredients from local farmers in Tennessee. Immediately after distilling, this whiskey is charcoal-filtered, commonly known as the Lincoln County Process, and aged for approximately five years in hand-toasted, new American oak barrels.

Bottled at 45% Alc./Vol. / 90 Proof, it makes an exceptional bourbon by all measures.


Knobel Tennessee Whiskey has a rich, honey color and starts with sweet caramel and spicy orange aromas with hints of vanilla, almond, and oak. Warm flavors of sugar cookies, ginger, and fall spices fill the palate, leaving a long, sweet, and spicy finish reminiscent of apple pie.


The Rickhouse Edition is made from Knobel Straight Tennessee Whiskey aged in American oak barrels and finished with French oak staves to produce a unique sip. Bottled at 47.5% Alc./Vol. / 95 Proof.


The Rickhouse Edition’s complex and smooth profile of warm spices opens with sweet notes of meringue, marmalade, orange rind and caramel. The corn plays nicely against the spice of the French oak and the vanilla coming from the American white oak. Each sip, reminiscent of fall baking spices, custardy and fall deserts with apple pie, toasty pie crust and almond flavors appearing towards the end. It finishes with a hint of lingering cloves and cinnamon on top of a banana bread and panna cotta dessert. It’s a unique spirit that you will want to share with your best friends.

Knobel Barrel Strength Tennessee Whiskey

Straight from the barrel, uncut and unfiltered. This Barrel Strength limited edition from Knobel Tennessee Whiskey should impress the most discerning Bourbon lover. Each release will be limited in quantity and will vary in final Alc./Vol.


The Barrel Strength Knobel Tennessee Whiskey has a rich amber color, with an aroma of caramel and honey. On the tongue, the whiskey is a burst of flavor, full of sweet and spicy notes from the mixture of the rye and sweet corn. Each sip is smooth and satisfying, finishing with a hint of oak and smoke.

Like memories of all the good times shared with friends and family, this Barrel Strength Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is full of complexity and depth, yet always a source of comfort and warmth. It is a whiskey that is meant to be enjoyed after a hard day’s work, like a reward for a job well done. Uncut and bottled right from the barrel this whiskey for sure satisfies the most discerning of palates.


Traditional, pure and full of surprises – that’s Knobel Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey. A Rye Whiskey distilled from 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley, the original mash bill from which the Great American Whiskeys originated. Bottled at 44% Alc./Vol., 88 Proof.


The nose of Knobel Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey entwines the senses with a captivating dance of powerful and intense aromas. The nose is bright, fresh, and filled with a confident presence of spices.

Upon the first sip, the palate is set ablaze with a robust and full-bodied experience. The dominant rye grain character takes center stage delivering a strong and bold flavor profile of stone fruit that dances across the tongue. The flickering notes of spicy black pepper and hearty baking spices like vanilla and cardamon add depth and complexity, creating an irresistible chemistry.

Amidst the intensity of the spice, this Rye Whiskey reveals its softer side, offering a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. The texture is velvety, with a pleasant weight on the tongue. Finishing with delicate undertones of orange peel, cocoa, cherries and caramel, Knobel Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey offers notes of richness enhancing the whiskey’s bold character and complexity. Each sip is certain to leave an impression.

Best Enjoyed With Friends

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